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    Not sure but seems I remember someone saying that WhenU was now at ClickBank. If that is true, all ClickBank affiliates need to read this article, all affiliates anywhere for that matter:

    Hopefully ClickBank will at some point begin to enforce their new terms of service and boot WhenU if they are in fact affiliating with them.
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    I don't think WhenU is an affiliate with
    Clickbank, but if you advertise on Findwhat
    you could have your ads popping up on your
    competitors through WhenU without realizing
    it. Findwhat does have WhenU as a partner,
    I downloaded their program and my competitors
    that were advertising on Findwhat were popping
    on top of my site with their Findwhat ads, and
    sometimes these popup ads were huge covering
    most of my site. Most of these programs,
    WhenU, 180solutions, etc. get there programs
    onto peoples computers through drive-by
    downloads using ActiveX. There is a Windows XP
    update coming out soon which will hopefully
    stop most of these drive-by downloads:

    180solutions does have an affiliate account(s)
    with Clickbank, but they were discovered
    overwriting cookies and Clickbank supposedly
    has taken some action to prevent this.

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    Hello All,

    I am new to this board. The reason for my post is I have a client who uses both ClickBank and iBill and he has brought something to my attention. Actually, he sent me tnis link from another forum:

    and I was just trying to do a little research for him to see if this is something that is going on company-wide (affecting all ClickBank clients).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!! If I can do anything to help any of you in return, please don't hesitate to ask.


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