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    I am considering joining ClickBank, and I have sent them a few questions. They are a little slow to answer, so I thought I would ask a question here in the forum.

    If I become a Vendor, how do I find affiliates to advertise/sell my product (

    Thank you in advance.

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    Hello Glolar, welcome to the ABW forum board!

    I found that ClickBank response was actually a "pray you actually get an answer, let alone a correct response service."

    Personally, I'd check out ShareASale or review their forum board here.
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    Thats a good question. I guess posting in webmaster message boards would be another option. Another would be to buy ad space on Click Bank's website, but those spaces are reserved for months, good luck getting them
    Besides those two options I am totally blank.

    I am sure many people here know the answer, so let's hear it

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    *Looks at the bottom of your site.*

    It doesn't look like you even have an affiliate program. I see

    'Home | Sales | Products | Support | About Us | Contact Us | Links'

    but no 'Join our affiliate program' link linking to a page with info on your program and code to use to link to you. Many people look for those links when looking for CB affiliate sites to promote, to get more info on the program. CB has no search so it can be a little hard for some one to find your site to join your program.

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    When I am looking for a merchant, I do a search in Google for "Kind of Product affiliate"

    Hopefully, that will bring up several listings where merchants selling that kind of product have an affiliate program. You need a link that says "Affiliate Program" on all your pages with products. Also, if you want to sell a certain kind of product with an affiliate program you need a page that Google can find which says "Here is an affiliate program for this kind of product." Optimise the page for what you think affiliates like me will type into search when they want to find you.

    I cannot tell you how much I wish more merchants would do this. I often KNOW there are programs for just what I need but the dumbass merchants never put up a page telling me they are available! Good grief! There are so few that any merchant who does this would probably get a #1 listing and get any affiliate looking.

    Then, I have to come here and beg people to tell me if they know of such and so a kind of merchant. It is so frustrating.
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    I agree the easiest way is to have a discreat links on your web site.

    They don't have to be large as potential affiliates are great at spotting them. But they do have to be there!


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