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Want Big ClickBank Affiliate Checks?

ClickBank Buddy will rotate targeted, keyword specific, text ads on all of your web pages... offering to your website visitors several thousand digital products and services for sale by 6,257 ClickBank® Merchants.

Every ad is automatically linked with YOUR ClickBank® affiliate nickname.
You get paid up to 75% of every sale.

Dear Affiliate Marketer,

Now... you can easily promote several thousand products and services... as a ClickBank® Affiliate... using ClickBank Buddy to automate the whole process.

ClickBank Buddy is a set of perl scripts that you install on your website.

Then all you have to do is... simply copy a little code that ClickBank Buddy generates for you... and paste it into as many of your web pages as you want.

ClickBank Buddy will immediately start displaying related ClickBank® product Ads on your web pages. The Ads rotate to show New Ads each time the page is visited.

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Congratulations on the creation of such a wonderful product! ClickBank Buddy has GOT to be one of the most innovative ways I've seen to create a passive income from my website.

I'm technically challenged when it comes to installing scripts, but ClickBank Buddy had very detailed instructions. It was a snap to install, generate the ad code, then copy and paste the code to my web pages.

And I really love the way the ClickBank Marketplace can be customized. I added my own website logo and it looks like it's my very own web store.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your innovative products.

- Denise Hall

Works Like Google AdSense...But Makes You A Lot More Money!

ClickBank Buddy will automatically display products which closely match the content of your web pages... by selecting ads using the keywords you specify.

This way... by choosing keywords relevent to your site... you have control over the types of products ClickBank Buddy displays ads for on your website. You can show different keyword specific text ads on every page.

This type of "contextual advertising" has been proven to be very successful.

ClickBank Buddy gives you 3 styles of ads...

<UL TYPE=SQUARE>Horizontal Ad Blocks
Vertical Ad Blocks
Float-In Popups[/list]

You can put one or more Ad Blocks... and/or a Float-In Popup... on each webpage of every website you have.

And... it's real easy to fully customize the look of your Ad Blocks to make them appear as an integral part of your existing web page by selecting the...

<UL TYPE=SQUARE>Background Color
Border Color
Text Color
The Color of the Link in the Ads
Width of the Ad Blocks[/list]

Simply copy and past the code you generate using ClickBank Buddy... and you'll never have to touch it again.

It's just that simple!

You also have the option... by selecting yes or no in your control panel... of having an ad display in your ClickBank Buddy Ad Blocks which links back to your...

ClickBank Buddy Marketplace

Yes! That's right... with ClickBank Buddy you'll have your own Marketplace... loaded with literally several thousand digital products such as eBooks and Software and hundreds of other online services.

Your website's visitors can easily search for any digital product or service they are looking for... and all products containing the searched for keyword in either the title or description will show in the search results.

You can even put a searchbox on as many of your webpages as you want. When your website's visitors search... they'll be searching YOUR ClickBank Buddy Marketplace...

Your ClickBank Buddy Marketplace Search Engine will automatically Encrypt and Insert YOUR ClickBank® Affiliate ID In Every Link, allowing you to promote thousands of digital products and services all in one place.

You'll earn commissions of up to 75% on every sale... all while letting the owner of the product or service answer all the customer questions and handle the product delivery and support.

Your commission checks will be sent directly to you... from ClickBank.com... twice a month.

Each ClickBank® Merchant sets their own commission rate... the maximum is 75%... however, the average is about 50% of the sales price.

ClickBank Buddy uses Header and Footer files... with easy copy and paste editing to make your ClickBank Buddy Marketplace look however you want.

The Affiliate Marketers Dream!

If you can copy and paste... you'll be able to generate multiple income streams from any webpage on every website you own.

Just copy and paste your code once... and you never have to touch it again.

Version 3.0
Now Two Systems In One!


ClickBank Buddy V3 Rotates Ads From 2 Databases!

1: The ClickBank Database which contains over 6,257 websites.

ClickBank Buddy lets you update this database directly from the ClickBank.com Marketplace with just one click of your mouse.

2: Custom Database...

You now have the ability to manually add, edit and delete products and affiliate programs in a database from your admin control panel.

In addition to using ClickBank Buddy to rotate ads for thousands of products in your ClickBank database...

Now you can rotate text ads from your custom database... for easily promoting ALL your favorite Affiliate Programs!

When generating your ad block code... just select which ads database you want ClickBank Buddy to display ads from.

Yes! You can even have ads from both databases displayed on the same page.

See For Yourself Just How Easy ClickBank Buddy Works

Demo ClickBank Buddy Now!

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Our No Risk Guarantee To You

While we can't guarantee you'll make a specific amount of money ...
WE CAN guarantee that you'll be completely satisfied with ClickBank Buddy!

Your Satisfaction Is 100% Guaranteed!

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with ClickBank Buddy within the next 90 days... we will refund every penny of the purchase price with no questions asked.

We Take All The Risk...
There's No Way You Can Lose.

You can feel completely safe while evaluating ClickBank Buddy. This software gives you the opportunity to increase your income without risking a penny!

If you're not 100% satisfied with the results... just let us know within 90 days and we'll give you a full refund... no questions asked

We can't make it any more fair than that

Remember: You only need to install ClickBank Buddy on one of your websites... and ClickBank Buddy will rotate Ad Blocks on every page of every website you own.

Use ClickBank Buddy to automatically promote thousands of quality digital products and services on all your webpages... and easily increase your income without adding any extra work to your work load.

Get ClickBank Buddy Today...
And See For Yourself Just How Profitable It Is

100% Secure Payment Through ClickBank.com
Order Now... And Download Immediately

Only $97

System Requirements:
<UL TYPE=SQUARE>- Hosting on UNIX server -
- Ability to upload files -
- Ability to run cgi scripts -[/list]

If you have any questions or concerns.
Please Click Here To Contact Us

Wishing You Success
Jesse Noyes and Vernon Noyes

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