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    The strangest thing happened to me today and I'd appreciate it if someone can explain this to me. Here is what happened.....

    Today I got $2 from CJ's referral progam. Now, the strange thing is that I AM NOT affiliated with CJ and when I see the link that made that referral it is the link from "Computer Surplus Outlet" a program that I AM affiliated with.

    What the.......!?!?!?!

    I'm not saying that I do not appreciate the $2 falling to me out of the blue sky, but I'm wondering if the CJ system might be falling apart and my sales are written to other affiliates. :confused:

    Does anyone know anything about this?

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    AlexBet, My guess is that someone clicked on your Computer Surplus link and joined their affiliate program on their sites. They have a link to become an affiliate of theirs on their page. Seeing how they went through your site. You got the credit and will get 5% of what they make using Computer Surplus. Most merchants also have individual links that you can put on your site to try to recruit affiliates for that merchant.

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