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    OK, I've had the .com editor kit working away on my sites for months now - and it's a fantastic tool. So I've finally gotten around to working on some .ca domains and I try and put the .ca editor kit to work. However..... the search term I use only results in 3 matches - even though identical term on .com yeilds dozens of matches. But the dozens of matches that .com comes up with are all canadian sellers, that for some reason .ca doesn't see. Why is that? And what happens if I use the .com version - I don't get credit for CND sign-ups right?

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    Hi ToughTurkey -

    You are absolutely right about your last statement so please do not use the .com editor kit for CDN users. I promise you that we are working on a drastic change to the program and you'll be able to generate leads regardless of country of origin.

    What the Canadian Editor Kit is doing is displaying listings that have been listed from A Canadian can list an item on and at this moment it will not appear on the Editor Kit.

    Have you tried checking off the 'related items' box when you enter a search should generate more listings.


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