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    When I apply to a CJ merchant and get the message that the merchant will manually approve my application, what is it that the CJ merchant reviews in order to determine if they will approve me?

    What I mean is, do they see all the domain names I have set up in my CJ account or just my main site (eg. the first domain I used when I joined CJ)? If my main site is about auto parts and I apply to a wine program because I plan to develop a wine site, will the wine merchant see a list of all domains I have listed?

    What are some of the main reasons a merchant would disapprove a request to join a program?


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    This was talked about before in this thread:

    As far as what merchants look for when deciding to accept/decline your request to join their program everyone is different.

    I look for browser (software) installs, incentivized sites, banner farms, sites with no content, etc...

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    Hello, we have our merchant setting to manual approval...but what I've discovered is that some affiliates don't realized they are categorized as an incentivized site, which will get them flat out denied or manually denied.

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    Thanks to you both for the replies. I was mainly worried that I would be turned down by a merchant because my listed website didn't appear to be a good match with their program.

    Sometimes I apply to a merchant before I have the site ready on which I plan to feature their products and I'm not sure if they're judging me on the primary site I registered with CJ, or if they can see I have a domain name listed that is picked out just for their program.

    Evan - I was reading your forum earlier today and might like to give DentalPlans a go!


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    I think most merchants are looking for a certain level of quality and screening for porn and parasites or anything else that could indicate a problem. I think most realize if your site is not the perfect fit yo probably have something in mind.

    Yes, do take a very serious look at DentalPlans, it's one of the best converting programs on CJ and Evan is a great manager that will support your efforts.

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