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Thread: Vegas Experts Concerns

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    January 18th, 2005

    Have you been able to fix the problem we discussed? I am 100% committed and need your help. Can you tell me what the ETA is on the fix.


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    January 18th, 2005
    Hi WebFinder

    Tell me about it, it's driving me nuts and I'm stuck in the middle playing ping pong with SAS and VE.

    Here's what's going on

    1. Some orders come through Unvoided (all orders should come through voided) and need to be reset to voided until the end of month update.

    2. Some orders are coming through with duplicates, same or different amounts over a period of 10 minutes, but the same order ID.

    3. Right now I'm cleaning this up manually , but it's far from ideal and confuses everyone, as you've found out.

    4. VE is in the middle of changing their progamming team, the old guy, and I say this in the nicest possible way...was lame. The new guys I actually know, so I'm hoping that once they take over fully they can give me some attention to fix all the issues

    So All I can do right now is beg you for a little patience until we get this resolved between SAS and VE. The problems seem to go away only to resurface a few months later, this month is seeing a large recurrance of the problems

    I've got your latest Emails, I have not heard back from SAS on the email I CCed to you emailing them

    (NB that CC to you bounced a couple of times, did you get?)



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