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Thread: What's New at WSO - Feb'04

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    Hi All

    I'll do a short update on what we're up to once or twice a month, this one is a bit less organized than future ones will be as I'll need to sort out a nice easy to read format, plus I'm home right now with no docs to work from

    We'll be launching a new WSO site fully focused on the AM side of the WSO businss later in Q1 or early Q2, this will cover all the merchants we work with in detail , with links to all tools laid out in a standard format so it's easy to see and find (for example) the PSC for any merchant if they have it.

    We'll also be launching a range of WSO bonus campaigns, special offers, discounts, freebies and other extras that will allow everyone to benefit from promoting any/all the WSO merchants.

    On the business front we've got 3 new merchants signing up with WSO this month, one is brand new, 2 are ongoing programs that we will be taking over and taking Parasite Free (hence the new TOS/T&C)

    The new TOS/T&C will also be launched across All our merchants with minor differences here and there to suit the legal requirements of each one but generally saying "no parasites" and "no automatic cookie setting"

    We've hired some new staff who are doing some great work to make the core AM teams life a lot easier and that should be reflected in our program support and growth as we move forwards this year.

    State side, I'll be in the US in June (Pending US Immigration regulation changes and other surprise ) And should be hitting NY, Colorado, Seattle, Buffalo, SF and possibly New Mexico. Happy to meet everyone in all those cities if I can get my tickets sorted out (schedule is yet to be done). The main focus of the trip will be the LS Symposium and Aff Summit 2004 and hopefully Haiko will throw together an ABW get together in NY too, either way while I'm there my time is yours. Looking at 3 weeks in the stats with one week being in NY

    Mondera : New bonus has been launched, more coming soon. PSC is up. Next Stop, wedding season, late April May and June.

    KegWorks/Deluxe Grills : 2004 long running bonus is up and running and people are taking home cash, PSC is coming asap. Looking at the best ever month for KegWorks this Feb...awesome stuff, ABW partners leading the charge!!

    DriveWerks : Watch out for MORE tools and more products coming up in March. Great growth so far, plenty of room for more.

    LeftonMain : Research being done on pricing and product positioning. A lot of work needed here

    NetMagazines : Big stuff being developed here, look to Q2 to see some radical stuff coming out. PSC is live of course and Feb bonus is running with lots of prizes going unclaimed!!! Best conversion of all our merchants.

    IrishPhotoShop : Very quiet. Sales are slow, traffic is slow, not the hottest of our programs but still fills a very nice target market.

    Vegas Experts : Issues with programming coming up again, SAS and VE being asked to resolve this again. Sales are good though.

    Pierced Body : reviewing software updgrade/change. lots of issues concerning everyone with that...Sales are on the up as the temperatures start to rise.

    Candle People : As some of you may have noticed we're doing a little work with Andrew at Candle People. Not full program management, it's an excellent program with great tools. Drop me a PM or Email (or email to terry AT webstudio-1 DOT com) to learn more about what WSO is doing here.

    That's about it I think



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    Well I plan to pick out some and use your PSC tool to expand some Mall sections.

    Mike & Charlie ...

    "Payment is one option that isn't negotiable. Merchants require it for purchases ...SO DO WE."

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    Thanks Mike, our cheques to you right now are certainly much smaller than I'd like them to be

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