Hi All

Okay, so now we're up and running and everyone has had chance to get a site or a few links launched, so we're very pleased to launch our DriveWerks ABW Exclusive Offer.

Base Commission : 8% of ALL sales
When sales exceed $2500 then commission is 9%
When sales exceed $5000 then commission is 10%
When sales exceed $10000 then commission is 11%

Which comes with a Return Day/Cookie Tracking offer of 90 Days.

A great offer for anyone who sells, car parts, car accessories, car posters, car models, car care products, car books, watches, tools and garage gear

Sign up is easy. Mail me at

Chris DOT Sanderson AT DriveWerks.com

BODY : URL of where you have DriveWerks Links up

Parasites, Cookie Stuffers and other unethical cheats need not apply.

And, the new DriveWerks T&C will be out next week to make it 1000% clear that cheating, stuffing and generally scummy stealing will not be tolerated.

Wayne and I look forwards to mailing you your checks!



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