Dear All

Welcome to another AMWSO newsletter, keeping the same format
as always we'll focus on what's new, where the money is and
any other developments in all AMWSO managed merchants.

Mondera (LinkShare)
Wedding season is here, 2nd biggest sales time of year for
jewelry and diamonds, can be well worth a flutter on CPC for
wedding band focused keywords. Mondera is also in the
LinkShare Q2 club, easy bonuses up for Grabs. Mondera will
be adding a LinkShare Merchandiser feed shortly.

NetMagazines (LinkShare)
New bonus has just gone live today. Very easy bonus, simply
out sell April 2004 and be inline for a bonus of up to $100.
Watch for the big news coming in June/July as NetMagazines
steps up a level.

Pierced Body (ShareASale)
Will be moving to a new commerce platform soon, a smooth
migration is being planned to ensure minimum impact to
everyone. FTP data feeds are now available from ShareASale
too for Pierced Body, watch out for a bonus coming soon as
the Summer approaches

Western Union (LinkShare)
A new support site is in development and the $3,000 bonus is
up and running, visit to get
the details and sign up.

KegWorks / DeluxeGrills (LinkShare)
Nothing hugely new, the 2004 bonus campaign continues, meet
targets to make easy bonuses through out the year, summer is
just around the corner so people will be looking at
additions and work on their home bars and grills.

Bill Bam's Collectibles (ShareASale)
Just launched on ShareASale Bill Bam's Collectibles sell a
wide range of plush toys and other items. Solid data feed of
over 1000 items and an FTP data feed available too. Launch
bonus will run in June/July so time to prepare in May and
make that an easy win.

GreatSkin (LinkShare)
One of our few merchants with a LinkShare Merchandiser feed,
activation and sales bonus coming very soon, as well as a
release of content for use on affiliate partner sites.

DriveWerks (LinkShare)
Has the largest collection of affiliate tools of any of our
merchants, a and is still being under exploited in an area
that is really selling. Car Accessories. Yes we have car
parts but partners are still overlooking the whole
accessories section of this merchant!

Vegas Experts (ShareASale)
There's always some sport or another being played in the US
and Vegas Experts is one of the few sites that pays
affiliate when people win, rather than lose. Lifetime
commission makes this a solid performer. Watch for the co
brand site coming soon

Left On Main (ShareASale)
Also running a year long 2004 bonus campaign. Just get the
sales to get the bonus, easy stuff. A lot of changes planned
for this site with an expansion of the product base being
key to this.

Irish Photo Shop (ShareASale)
Can be a tough sell but great for partners who have those
Irish sites or sites that focus on finding people's roots.

What's New
Well we launched Bill Bam this month and we're looking at
two more merchants coming aboard this month before we lock
the doors for a while. Both new merchants are in the luxury
goods area, one overlapping with Mondera and the other
offering very nice support. If you need more diamonds, more
high end jewelry, watches and branded leather goods then
drop us an email to get the inside story on what's coming

As always thank you for your support, our company is very
much indebted to the work you do. No you, no sales, no us...


General Manager
chris.sanderson AT