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    When you drop a merchant are they still obligated to pay you for sales that come in later as a result of your cookie being set on a shoppers machine.

    I think they should be obligated but I'd bet they aren't.

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    Thing is, if you dropped them in the first place, presumably for poor performance of some kind, what makes you think they are going to bother honouring any agreements after that point?

    I recently dropped a UK shoe merchant for essentialy reversing every single one of the piffling number of sales I managed to make through them. End of month - surprise, surprise, they reversed that last two, reason - other.

    If you have committed yourself to dropping them you may as well kiss them goodbye right away and focus on something more productive.

    Just my 2c.

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    Rather than officially dropping them, you could simply wind down your promotion of them.


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    Never give a merchant notice your dropping their links, as you owe them no explaination. Just do it and let them wonder what happened to your portion of their FREE traffic stats.

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