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    Outsourced Program Manager Chris -  AMWSO's Avatar
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    January 18th, 2005
    Dear All

    While LinkShare have decided that did nothing wrong and we left our links active while Connie and Kellie did their work. We know and have recorded data that shows very clearly that they did violate the most basic parts of the LinkShare TOS and all of our clients Merchants T&C.

    Some people can be educated about a mistake they have made or their ignorance of what they have done. In this instance though, there was no mistake nor ignorance in how was creating cookies. It was deliberate and done with the total understanding of what they were doing.

    We can not support such actions.

    Thank you

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    Gee, what does this say about Linksnare in general?

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    ABW Ambassador Ron Bechdolt's Avatar
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    Just want to second what Chris said.

    Does anyone know at what point Linkshare was informed of of all of this and realized it was happening? Was it before the award was announced? Was it before the 15K was awarded? I'd be curious to know when they were made aware of this.
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    Once again Chris, thank you for taking action and for being so outspoken in letting us know.

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    With the hundreds of heated threads & post here covering the Cookie stuffing tricks the networks refused to comment. Some merchants like Chris saw even their merchant competitors , posing as affiliates, were blind setting Mondera & other jewelry cookies to make side money from their referral site visitors.

    This has gone on since before Christmas and no network was willing to curb the practice in spirit or TOS changes. Support merchnats who will take the ethical high-road.
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    Of course I never had any doubt it would go any other way with the Web Studio Programs.

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