Hi All

The following is how you can mass create custom links for LinkShare merchants that have deep linking created. The below takes the example of using an AMWSO created data feed that has a base URL (not linkshare tracking URL) in the data feed.

Firstly open the feed in Excel or equivalent and extract the LINK Field , pasting the field into a text file then do as follows :

The present feed is more directed at partners who have systems set up
locally to insert and convert the URL locally.

It is quite easy to create the LinkShare URLs as follows :

1. Log Into LinkShare
2. Create Select Links
3. From the Merchant drop down select the Merchant you are working on.
4. From Available Link Types Select "Individual Product"
5. From the next page just above the links box select " Click here if
you are an advanced user "
6. On the next page in the side bar select "Advanced Users Only"
7. Upload the text file of Base URLs
8. Take the generated file and paste it back into the Excel sheet in the URL field

Job Done :O)

Alternatively let me know which Data File you want to use and I (and the team) can do it for you. And then all you'll need to do is do a find and replace on the Link Code.

As we move forwards most feeds will end up with the LS linkpath in them anyway but the above can also be used for generating mass links to other pages that aren't in a feed (such as category home pages)