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    Hi, I started using CJ a month ago and already I'm making some money, but there are some things I don't understand.

    What does it mean when a status is locked and the amount/commission is displayed in red with brackets? This also made my balance go down.

    Does this mean the sale was refunded?

    Also how long does it take CJ to send my check? I read that for new CJ members, it takes a little longer, but how long?

    Any response would be appreciated.

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    Hi Lordg and welcome to ABW!

    A month and already making money eh? Very Good! What part of the GTA are you from?

    Yes, you got it right with the red coloured figures - that indicates a reversal has taken place. By clicking on the transaction number it will tell you the reason for the reversal which could be invalid CC, or duplicate order or something like that. Sometimes it just says "other" - meaning the reason didn't fall into any of the options CJ gives the merchant has to describe the reason.

    Reversals are locked immediately, valid sales are usually locked by the 10th of the following month - unless they are "extended" which means the merchant has one extra month to either reverse it or lock it for payment.

    Check out this recent thread for a more in-depth explanation...

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    Lordg, I also welcome you to A Best Web
    If you have $25.00 or more in your CJ account (after reversals)(always on the 10th) You should have a check SENT on the 20th of every month. If you set up direct deposit the money is in your bank on the 21st.
    Wishing you Luck and Happy Hollidays

    "I did'nt get where I'm at today by worrying about how I'm going to feel tomorrow."

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