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    People say that they hope valueclick keep the cj interface instead of the befree one. The befree one is truly awful but the cj on used to be better before they went to such great lenghts to hide advertiser reversals. There are a couple of things I want to ask/complain about.

    If I have more than one site, how do I run a report to find out how many sales I made from a particular merchant without looking it up site by site?

    Another thing I want to know is... when I am looking at a merchant screen (the popup) and I navigate to the "get html" screen, how do I get back to the merchant links page?

    I also want to have a raise the issue of the todays tasks feature. I was dropped by a couple of merchants that I was doing okay with and I didnt email them to ask why because I felt insulted. I've only just found out that I was dropped because I had to accept new terms. I have lost a lot of commissions because of this.

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    I've only just found out that I was dropped because I had to accept new terms.

    this is something that wasn't very intuitive. We are all finding out the hard way. Some of the merchants are discussing this with CJ.

    meanwhile, we all will just have to click that appropriate link near the bottom of their home page. regularly.

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    Don't get me starting on the CJ 6 update. It was the worse downgrade I've seen these last few years. I'm still not happy at all. But I've learned not to depend on them and I'm glad for that.
    Regarding your pb to get back to your merchant detail page, check on the left top on your Get HTML screen, you should see that: detail » Get Links » Get HTML, click on Get Link and you'll be back to your merchant page.

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