I was going to put this in the test purchase reports, but I thought you may miss it. If you would like to move it, be my guest.

I purchased some items on tiger for the wife in anticipation of her Birthday/Valentine's Day. As I am lucky enough that she has her birthday on the 14th, it makes things more difficult and easier at the same time. Easy to remember, difficult to make it that much more special to her, for it is not just Valentine's day.

I purchased several items on the morning of the 5th. They were in my report for the sales on the 6th. They were in my house on the 6th as well. I selected the 2-day shipping method and it took just over 24 hours to get it here. I was so impressed, I decided to get her other gifts there as well, I anticipate they will be here on Monday. Not many companies can provide that type of fulfillment. I have every confidence in the world recommending Tiger Direct.

I was impressed, and I do not impress easily. Andy, pass on my words to anyone you feel is in deservance of this praise. They did a Great job.