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    I tried a test purchase at one of my merchants and got the following:


    UK Customers: Do not enter credit card information

    Credit Card # 3223322332233223
    Valid card number needed to process order

    Expiration 08/03 (MM/YY)

    FRAUD WARNING: Credit card fraud is a felony and treats fraud attempts seriously. protects consumers by taking numerous steps during and after order submission to detect fraud and provide information for prosecution of fraud attempts.

    So far so good. But the same merchant, which approves credit cards within a second, reverses purchases after a month and gives the reason: invalid credit card.

    How could this be?


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    Pure greed would be the logical answer

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    Mike: Not always (that's the bad thing).
    I would track their reversals in the future.

    They may just check the credit card for accuracy (dummy authorization transaction over a few cents) and process the sale later, when they want to ship the order. A lot of merchants do that, because they can not guarantee to ship the order within 48 hours.
    There are some legal issues involved.

    Most settle their credit card sales with the banks within 24 hours.
    A real test would be, to place a real order, with a real credit card and contact your credit card company after 48 yours if they received either a authorization or sale of the full order amount.

    There stinks something, If there is such a transaction (but it's still no 100% proof).
    If not, all seems to be all right (but there is no 100% proof for that either).

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