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    Anybody have them, good or bad? Had some reversals come in which i expect from shoe merchants but a month and a half to find out a CC is invalid and 3 weeks to figure out something is Cant Ship/Sold Out seems a little long.

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    I removed them some time ago. I just got tired of their uncommonly high reversal rate.

    Shoes are a high reversal product, but their reversals were just too much for me.

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    At one time, we did have an experience of somebody else using our credit card and it took us a while before we can receive the bill and report them.

    However, this can become a convenient tool for a dishonest merchant, expecially when you can see the pattern, like reversal rates at nearly 100% (CJ was probably pressured to remove that info to protect the scam artists) or when they reverse almost everything at the higher-dollar end like what CollegeGear is doing.

    Other merchants can even go further than that. When I inquired about some reversals, they even have the chutzpah to insinuate that the previous commissions that I was able to receive were even from bogus orders. Which brings me to think, if CJ is that bad to them, why are they still here? I think the answer would be, because they can get away with it!

    In fairness to honest merchants and there are many of them, I'd like to think of these bad merchants as bad apples that should just be avoided. Dump them!!!

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    Promoted them for a few years.... kinda forgot that I had pages up for them..... years later found out that I had sent them many thousands of clicks for which they had reported dozens of sales with comissions in the hundreds of dollars...... not a single sale went through or was paid for...... they are bogus.

    If we don't get some kool rules ourselves...... pronto........ then we'll just be bogus too.. ~Jeff Spicoli~

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