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    If I add &afsrc=1 at the end of a zzounds url it busts the link and delivers a 404 - is there a work around?

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    Hi Gary,

    I was just scanning this thread again:
    I am not SURE so don't anybody yell at me, but it sounds to me like there is still some confusion about if or how this works.

    Some comments I have read (DONT KNOW if they are correct)
    SOunds like this is more a server side thing?
    Sounds like (according to Liz an AWESOME tech at CJ) that parasites outside the big 3 networks won't pay attention to COC anyway.
    Sounds like most of the networks and most affiliate tracking programs recommend NOT to change links or it could affect tracking.

    My personal feeling - just common sense is that parasites want money - so they are going to go more after networks and big e-commerce players where they can easily get volume and focus less on smaller niche merchants and private Indie programs. Just my feeling.

    I will contact zZounds tech support and see what they can do, but I will need to send them to a COHESIVE thread that explains exactly what this parameter does and IF it really works. So if there is a better thread that explains that this really does block parasites even from Indie programs, please let me know the thread so I can better educate their techs with what to do.

    Sorry if I don't know enough about this to make sense. I am not technical. I AM anti-parasite and want to help you. Just please realize I can't tell a compant I don't work for to put a programmer on this unless I can show them facts about how/why to do this and proof that if actually will work.

    Can someone send me to more specific info than the thread above that sums up the whole issue?

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