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    We're trying to do everything right! We know our success depends on finding and keeping happy, profitable affiliates . . .

    We pay a 2% bonus above our 10% retroactive to the beginning of the calendar month when you've made a-sale-a-day . . .

    We're trying innovative - unheard of - incentives, example: we've got an ABW member working on creating a script to generate beautiful html from our datafeed - it won't be free (probably $100) but we'll reimburse affilates once you've generated $500 in sales.

    We're in this for the long-haul and we want to attract serious, professional affiliates in search of a long-term profitable relationship.

    Check us out . . .


    180 days / 10% / $25 threshhold / datafeed

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    Edited because I mis-read the post. Sorry. I realize that you are not charging for the datafeed, but a script to work with the datafeed

    [This message was edited by cjshoppingnetwork on September 20, 2003 at 09:14 AM.]

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    $100 for a datafeed? No way. Why would I pay for a datafeed?

    I read this as meaning $100 for a script to generate a site from the datafeed rather than for the actual datafeed itself.

    Mad Doctor Gfufy

    Parasitewareâ„¢ Support The Fight

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    Yeah, I didn't read it properly. I suppose $100 for the script is worth it? Don't know about that. I don't use scripts

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    Precisely, CJ & Your Highness,

    Naturally datafeeds should ALWAYS be free - I was shocked to learn that some of the networks DO charge for them.

    For prospective Affiliates of TheWigMall familiar with it, I offer the same feed I send Froogle (with your affiliate code embedded). For those unfamiliar, the tab-delimited file includes the following fields, in order:


    That's all many of you need to know how you could use it. Other potential affiliates - and based on the quantity and tone of the questions asked on this board, I see there are many - a script to help automate downloading and sucking feeds into your database must be useful, else there wouldn't be a cottage industry in creating them.

    Since there ARE merchants who do charge for their datafeeds and affiliates who prefer to use scripts to work with them, I felt that a free datafeed with the cost of the script reimbursed based on performance was reasonably broad-minded. ;-}

    Anyone who wants a sample of my datafeed, email me and I'll attach one in a reply.

    Since you asked, a bit more about me and TheWigMall . . .

    I'm new to wearing this Affiliate Manager Hat - I'm actually a merchant with 40 direct drop ship manufacturing relationships and a secure gateway for on-line order processing; I'm a designer, software engineer, ISP, Miva Merchant eCommerce hosting partner, . . . I've been self-employed for over 30 years and I also love my 100+ lb Bouvier des Flandres puppy named Beauregard.

    I've been doing this internet thing since UMinn's Gopher was the mother of all information distribution . . .

    Best regards,

    Van Dashner
    10% / 180 days / FREE datafeeds
    Parasite Free

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