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    I have two websites on which I sell the same kind of clothing. On one site I use a inhaouse aff. programm on the other I use links. The traffic and clicks are nearly equal on both sites, but the revenue is 3 times higher on the inhouse prog. than it is with Does this mean that parasites steel my income? And should I turn to inhouse prog. on both sites?


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    I have found similar results on two types of merchants.

    Right now I'm trying to replace, if I can, any network merchant with an indie.

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    Well .. we can't say we tested in house versus CJ tracking sales ... but we have tried similar product/pricing replacement w/own cart for testing. Yes, we seen an immediate increase in sale conversions. I relate the lost sales directly to parasite activity mostly and possible tracking issues.

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    I am really interested in feedback on this too for future programs that I launch.

    Right now I have 7 Indies and 4 on CJ and BIGGIE coming soon that's on Linkshare and some in the works that we are trying to figure out the best solution for.

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    I think with the recent acquisition some thinking needs to be on the fly until the dust settles.

    I went through all the options with CJ, LS and BF the conclusions we’ve come to is not to join any network at this time.

    This way we can pass along the network $$ share to the hard working affiliate.

    I realize we will grow the number of partners slower but we aren’t interested in having 10,000 affiliates with a small percentage making the sales anyway.

    I did join the Share A Sale group recently but many applicants are not meeting our standards and unfortunately were not accepted. We will maintain that group in any event.

    In my opinion having a presence here and maintaining an in house program with a AM such as yourself, but I know your to busy to take on new clients or hire or assign an in-house person to the task.

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    I am an affiliate manager and just posted the same question, in-house vs. CJ, Linkshare in a different forum. But I basically got the same responses as here. Stay away from the big networks, its not worth it and many affiliates don't trust them. So I'm going to stick with visiting ABW for now. You can check out the other forum for more details.

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