I implemented adsense channels on two db-driven sites a while back. I needed more stats to geek out over.

The big picture: the majority of my Adsense clicks and revenue comes from static URLs not within these two channels, while the majority of impressions come from these two db-driven sites.

There's too many static pages (two and a half years of "page a day") to implement channels on them at this time.

The difference between the two sites: "the one" site produces 4x the impressions and 2x the clicks, but half the revenue as "the other".

Both have alternate sources of revenue. "The one" is getting to where I want it to be in terms of traffic and non-adsense revenue.

I feel like I've found a gusher of oil in my front yard: "The other" is only a month and a half old and gets maybe 30 or so daily uniques. Non-adsense revenue will come, but I have new interactive features to add.