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    2,942 has been absolutely fantastic since the start. I don't make bundles with them, but I make consistent amounts ($50-$100/mo) What I love about their program is how the aff manager is always willing to help a new person like myself. They always improve things for me and other affiliates - they never have made changes that diminish affiliate incomes. They are a specialty site for woodworkers and I dabble a little so I have some do-it-your-selfer pages with links. Why do I promote them? They are truely in the set of "Good Guys". Lately what I seem to see happening around me is very depressing - the folks at Rockler are a "breath of fresh air" and deserve the good mention, even if it brings in a few competetors.

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    I've gotta chime in here and agree with you. Danny (their AM) has been wonderful to work with and I just got my first good month with them but look forward to many more.

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    I had the good fortune to meet Danny at the NY summit and have a nice chat with him, he is a really nice guy and it is now one of my priorities to get a site up and running for his program.

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    Rockler Rocks
    <b><a href="" rel="nofollow">5 Star Travel Group</a> - Luxury Travel Memberships</b>
    Lifetime membership pays <b>$1000 commission on two levels</b>
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