We have our own prgram running through Direct Track software. Please let me know what you think of this offer and please sign up if it sounds good to you.

10% commission - On all products at NEATO

10% of the commissions of any affiliate directly referred by you!

120 Return Days - If your visitors return directly to NEATO within 120 days after clicking on your ad, you still get credit.

5% On Repeat Purchases - If a visitor purchases multiple times during your return day period, you get 5% on each repeat sale.

NEATO products can sell on any site - Millions of internet users are burning CD/DVDs everyday, and we have the products they need.

Earn commissions on our US or UK site - No extra work needed by you. If you send a visitor to the US site and they end up purchasing on the UK site, you still get paid.

Real time tracking and reporting - Online at anytime

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John Blakeslee