Hello, everyone:

I've made almost $8000 sales for this merchant in a year and never received any paychecks.

I emailed and then found out that it is because I never filled out the w9 form. I was upset because I thought they are responsible for informing me of this.

I also found out that they pay only 4% plus statement like 'rate is subject to change without notice'. I was quite suprised. All the merchants notify their affiliates about any payout changes but suppliesUSA?

If I'm not mistaken, they do not offer return days. Nothing is that obvious if you read their affilliate agreement.

Another funny thing is that their report does not include the commission part at all. I don't even know whether or not their have been changes to their payout structure over the time. I don't remember they pay 4%. I thought they paid 10%.

Does anyone know their commission rate(s)? How do you feel about this merchant?

Any input would be appreciated.