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    January 17th, 2005

    I keep getting rejected by CJ. Anyone have any feedback as to why?

    I will sell products from their advertisers, but they don't seem to want me.

    Any ideas? Thank you.

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    You got me stumped. I've been a pain in their butt for 6 years and they still cut me a check. maybe it has something to do with your domain name.

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    Have you emailed anyone at CJ to ask why?
    I can imagine them turning you down for the whole program, unless you really do own the name


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    Or, if your site is not live, or has no content, or doesn't show the intent of the web site, they could turn it down. Also, if it links to any site they find objectionable, they would also say no.

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    I was able to join CJ a month before I got a domain and hosting. Didn't even have a website on a freehost up. This was just last September.

    Perhaps you need to scan their site guidelines or policies and see how your site might not fit one of them.

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