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    My domain expired and my registrar does not send me any email notification, and now it's registered by someone else.

    I want to build this domain to be one of my niche market

    What can I do?


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    What can you do? Not much.

    Read the registration agreement you agreed to when you first registered the name. It's only yours as long as you keep paying the annual fees. Not the Registrar's problem that you don't pay your bills on time.

    Not the new owner's problem - the name was freely available to register.

    Two options - if you REALLY value the name highly, offer the new owner some money for it . If not, go register a new name and pay your fees on time - paying 10 years in advance will help.

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    Oops hope it wasnt mine. I did the same thing, someeone had walleyewarrior I found out after I did up my site, so I left the idea. Was going to do the .net thing but one day it opened up so I scooped it up. He had some decent listings and ratings in some search engines. No dam traffic cuz only traffic I get is from my own promoting. Oh well have to promote the h*ll out of it and get some traffic.

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    If you have a domain with a decent amount of traffic it WILL be bought up.. typically by pornographers wanting to hijack your traffic. And it you want to buy it back, you will have to pay through the nose.

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    Do not lose hope, there are domains expiring everyday, I have 1000s of expired domains listed and available for purchase at

    I also have a great tool which allows you to enter 2 or 3 keywords and we will give you back a list of available domains that fit your website.

    go to for a list of our september specials

    best of luck finding a suitable replacement,


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