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    I'm thinking about trying to move all my domain management to I'll be leaving my actual sites with my current host. I like the idea of having one place to check on expiration dates and updating ip addresses if need be (due to moving hosts). Plus the fact that I have two domains registered by makes it easy to transfer those domains to A third was registered with my current host, so that might be a little more difficult to move, but all future domains will be registered at bulkregister.

    Can anyone give me opinions on this? Has anyone else used bulkregister and had problems? Or the flip side, do you use bulkregister and like it? Are there any other companies that do the same thing, (allow you to manage multiple domains from one account)?


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    I like BulkRegister, no problems, and it's really easy to use! Once you get your info (name, addy, CC# etc.) in there, you can register new names with the same info with one click. It even lets you set your own default registration length, from 1-10 years.

    Updating the nameservers is a snap, too, just enter the new ones into the nameserver screen and hit Submit.

    But it looks like it'd be a real pain to transfer a name in that's not from NetSol. Let us know how that goes if you sign up with BR, okay?

    As I recall, it did take a few hours or so to get the account live at first but everything's been quick since then. Registrations go through immediately. Make sure you don't type any typos when registering domains, they make a point of saying No Refunds quite a few times.

    They will tell you via email about new extensions that come up (like .info and .biz). I forgot if this can be turned off or not. I only mention this because some people can't stand even one ad email and they will send a few, but not enough to be a problem IMO.

    As for other companies, I think (this is not an affiliate link) is in the biz. Click the Resellers link at the top of their site (in that nav. part). It looks like it has quite a few options, but seems more complicated than BulkRegister, at least at first glance.

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    I use a different discount registrar (8.88) and use a DNS manager (so can change the redir on the fly). This turns out to be much cheaper and reliable when you have many doms.

    If members want the DNS redir service I will offer it at cost.


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    Hi Again, Leader ... Question Here.

    I started with BR two years ago (domain name gold rush) and transferring DNS numbers if you want to put up a site, etc., keep them in your own name, really is a snap and goes through quickly, but what do you do if you want to transfer a name to another person? Not sell it, but just change the name of the owner? (such as put it in one of your kids' names if you know the name is good and want to keep it)?

    That thing about "Create a New Handle" .. I don't understand it so have been transferring those to because they're so easy to change the name of owner, etc., and never says "Create a New Handle". it just gets done in the control panel. I've lost names should have kept because I didn''t know how to handle the "handle" thing at Bulk Register.

    This sounds pretty dumb, but I think you'll know what I mean and can tell me.

    Thanks, Leader!!!


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    I too use bulk register and love them. We also register a lot of our customers domain names through BR. The handles think is just like your nic handle at NetSol. If you don't already have a handle for your child or whoever you want to put on there, just create a new handle. Then put them down as admin and keep your self as tech or billing etc. Any questions, just let me know.

    Tom Pyles

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    I had posted a long post but a redirect happened (Thanks Hotbar, NOT! [if you accidentally click one of their buttons a redirect can happen say, 1/2 an hour later and Boom, away you go and that's what just happened to me! No I'm not going back to dull gray either so nobody say uninstall it, please, but what a PITA if you hit the wrong thing!!!]). So this is the 2nd post attempt...

    On second thought it worked out fine because I just found out some more stuff when looking at the Bulk Register site. I haven't had to transfer a domain there, so I had to look...

    (Although I have registered names for family members, but it's a lot easier when you make the original registration with other info--just use the 6-step process, put in the new info, and it'll take care of it. It's been so long that I forgot exactly how it did it, but there weren't any problems registering a New name under with the other info.)

    But this post assumes you are changing the info on an existing dom. name instead of registering a brand new one. I haven't had to do it myself, but after examining the screens, this (below) looks like it would be the process. But I can't put a 100% guarantee on that since I haven't had to change the info of my already-registered domains.

    To change the ownership info of the name, just click on the domain name you want to change. Then click To Edit Domain Record Use This Form...

    There's a whole list of things you can change on the form. Ignore all of the handle part for now. Look next to where it says "domain name" and shows the name. There's a link marked "edit". Click that.

    Then you can just change the ownership info there!

    To get the new contact info, etc. in, you will indeed need to create a new handle for the new owner. Just fill out the form on the Create Handle screen (there's a link to it on the bottom of the Edit Domain Record screen) and it should spit one out. The handle is one of those XX1234-BR thingies...

    Put the handle it spits out, into the boxes for administrative, tech, and billing contact and hit Edit, and you should be all set!

    I hope this is English enough, explaining that sort of thing isn't nearly as easy for me as explaining things related to selling stuff!

    [ 01-30-2002: Message edited by: Leader ]

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    I used the UK-based for this, it's pretty cheap and the management interface is pretty good.

    The only thing they don't have that I miss is Domain Redirection, but you can get that for free elswhere.

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