I'm just about to acquire enough domains to possibly justify going for a dedicated server. The problem, though, is the dedicated server seems to be weak compared to the shared hosting plans. Here are the numbers:

Currently $100.00 a month for hosting 4 domains on Dual-866MHz PIII's with 254 domains per server. I can't find the RAM on this machine.

Looking at $100.00 a month for dedicated server with Single-700MHz Intel Celeron 64 MB RAM with only my domains on same server.

Does anyone think this would be noticeable, performance wise, good or bad? The server is considerably less powerful than the shared host, but it only has to handle 4 (currently, I do plan to add more in the future) domains vs 254.

I should look around for prices, but I'm happy with my current host, and have been for going on 5 years now. So I'm less inclined to leave, unless there are very compelling reasons to leave.