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    Can anyone recommend any good free (until i build up my suscribers a bit) newsletter hosts that you can host and send out your newsletter with. Preferably banner free (although i doubt there'll be any)?

    I know of but they redirect the user to an ad page when they have signed up.

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    Don't use ListPower. They'll spam the heck out of your members and they send your emails weeks late (right now I'm waiting for them to send out an email which I sent out on the 7th).

    Yourmailinglistprovider is probably the best free newsletter host that I've come across, but I recommend hosting it yourself. Hosting your own newletter is way more customizable and you don't need to worry about depending on someone else.


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    I'll do it

    send me a pm and I'll get you all set up
    include your list name, password, email address for the list and then I'll send you the admin link.

    No cost at all but I would like to have a link to one of my sites.

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