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    I needed a good domain name for a mall and found one. The domain name I bought starts with a common abbreviation. The full length name is already registered my another company which appears to have been around since 1996.

    They are not in the same business as my site and there is no similarity in content or design.

    Also the abbreviation could be taken as something else so it's not entirely clear to me if that would be a problem or not.

    Has anyone heard of issues like this and do you think this could be a problem? I don't want to give out my site as of yet so sorry for the missing info.

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    Does the other company run a web mall at their domain name?

    If not, you should be safe.

    If they complain even though you are not competing against them, stickup for your rights.

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    This is a crap shoot.

    We own many domains. Sometimes, even on close calls, the other side is really cool and would rather duke it out in the marketplace. Others we have are totally w/in the rights of the copyright and trademark law, but the other side is just aching for a fight. You wouldn't believe the details if I told you. We've had domains that we had a really weak case on, but the other side folded, and we've had cases firmly grounded in established law, and the other side is oblivous to it and will use the courts to steal your property. (reverse domain hijacking)

    So, the answer is... IF you can get something that's totally yours, memorable, and descriptive of your busienss/site, then go for that instead. The only way I'd recommend "tempting fate" would be if you had no other clear alternative. Or you can contact the other side now and just ask if it's cool with them. That way you don't waste a lot of money and effort only to be put in the defensive.

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