Someone has been calling here past couple days and hanging up when they get my machine (all calls get screened). Finally the caller leaves a message "in reference to" - a domain I registered last week and already have hosted as a stack on my linux account. The woman gave her name and extension but no company, etc.

Like a dern fool, I return the call thinking maybe it was someone's legal department trying to reach me to tell me I'd stepped on toes and registered a domain too close to someone's trademark, or someone who wants to buy the domain, etc.

It was no such thing - it was Verio. I'd read somewhere that they were doing this and was instantly irritated .... the woman said my "account" came across her desk and she was very vague about just what that meant. She wanted to know if I "need" anything. I played the game a little, as to how I somehow ended up with an "account" at Verio and how my name came across her desk...of course she was very evasive, then I replied, "in other words, this is a solicitation and you're spamming me. I'm already hosted" and she replied "No this isn't a solicitation. You called me."

It was ridiculous and it went back and forth like this a while - she wouldn't come right out and say why she'd really called ... LOLOLOL! She started getting p!$$y with me and accused me of doing the same until I just said "look, I gave you the courtesy of a return call and you're just wasting my time, you're not coming out and telling me why you called or what it means when you ask if I 'need' anything. Goodbye and don't call me again."

I thought Verio had quit this practice - they troll the database of newly registered domain names and then call the owner ASAP asking if they "need anything". They are extremely evasive about who they are and not up front that they are trying to sell something and I wonder how many people are duped into buying services from them thinking there is some direct connection between their registrar and Verio.

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