I wanted to let Tom make this announcement, but [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

TH Media will be introducing a new program you guys and gals may be interested in. It is more or less a co-branding opportunity, with a discount to offer your visitors. It is above the affiliate program, but not as extensive as a reseller program.

A page with your logo would be set up on our site, and an ongoing special discount of 10% for your visitors. This includes our pre-payed plans. For example, your visitor pre-pays for 1 year, they would get the usual 30% discount, and an addition 10% discount. We would handle all sign-ups, support, customer management, etc.

In addition to the logo, you would also get yourcompanyname.thmedia.net Our payment rate will be the same as our affiliate program. We could handle this through shareasale, or privately. We prefer to do it privately since we are setting up special packages in your name (Your Company Plan 1, etc). It makes no difference if the user has a cookie on their computer, or where they came from. If they sign up for 'your' hosting plan, you get credit.

We do have 3 companies that we have started doing this for. I can't give examples just yet until those companies make their official announcements, etc.

If you would be interested in this, please contact myself or Tom and we'll get it taken care of.

One thing I'd like to note is we are only taking serious inquiries only for set-up. It is labor intensive to set this up for each site (about 15-20 hours), so we only want those that are serious.