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    Hideley ho nieghborinos,

    I would like to get a dedicated server so I can host Tribes2 games (Renegades Mod). I am currently a reseller of hosting and have quite a few accounts that are supporting my internet addiction of websites. My question is if I get a dedicated server and host the Tribes2 game and move all of my accounts over to it, will the speed of the websites be affected by the tribes2 server and vice a versa.

    Is there anyone else out there hosting internet games? I am just a hack and reselling is really only a hobby that helps me and my friends out but I would really dig hosting Tribes2.

    Baby cover that bum!

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    It will impact sites you have hosted. Certain periods - level loading etc, are very cpu and bandwidth intensive. Tribes is pretty light on the bandwidth compared to others, but an active server with between 15-25 people on it can pull bandwidth between 60-100gigs a month.

    I am just waiting for BF1942 to release their linux server.


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    what's the hardware you are thinking?


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    Could tribes affect your virtual accounts? Sure it could. Could the virtual accounts affect tribes, sure they could. Woould you ever notice it, that would be hard to answer without alot more specifics. If you do diecide to try it we suggest that you pick a fast processor.

    NeuTelligent has the following Fast-Processor Low-Dollar special available:
    P4 1.6 GHz Processor
    512 RAM
    40 GB Hard Drive
    50 GB of Tier 1 Multihomed, Burtable BW/month
    for $150

    Let me know if that would be of interest to you and good luck with your search. Let us all know what you find out when you make your fianl choice (how it works out for you).
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    Thanks, that is what I was thinking. I think I will start with a
    Tribes 2 server and gradually add the websites to it. I appreciate the qoute that is exactly the type of information I was looking for. I would really like to set up a site like this to have live stats of the game going on.

    I think having a drug addiction would be cheaper ehh.

    Baby cover that bum!

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