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    Be sure to upgrade your php if you maintain your own server(s).

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>
    The PHP Group today announced the details of a serious vulnerability in PHP versions 4.2.0 and 4.2.1. A security update, PHP 4.2.2, fixes the issue. Everyone running affected versions of PHP is encouraged to upgrade immediately. The new 4.2.2 release doesn't include other changes, so upgrading from 4.2.1 is safe and painless.

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    Currently version PHP 4.2.3 is available. Here's a list of fixes in 4.2.3. Please upgrade if you feel that you should [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]

    06 Sep 2002, Version 4.2.3
    - Enabled strcoll() on win32. (Markus)
    - Fixed possible ASCII control char injection in mail(). (Stefan Esser)
    - Fixed a potential crash bug in import_request_variables() (Zeev)
    - Fixed several problems with directory functions on Windows. (Steph)
    - Fixed xbithack bug in Apache module. (Rasmus)
    - Fixed a bug that prevented touch() from working on various platforms. (Steph)
    - Fixed ob_gzhandler()'s handling of requests that do have the Accept-Encoding
    header, but do not allow compression. (Zeev)
    - Fixed several bugs in the multithreaded version that could cause random parse
    errors, especially on machines with multiple CPUs. (Zeev, Zend Engine)
    - Fixed a build problem in bcmath. (Alan)
    - Fixed several bzip2 issues. (Andrei, kalowsky)
    - Fixed several COM issues. (Harald)
    - Various exif fixes. (Marcus)
    - Fixed domxml_xslt_process() and domxml_get_element_by_id() and several
    other issues in DOMXML. (Christian)
    - Fixed DOMXML crash on removing previously created attributes. (Christian)
    - Fixed crash when converting $GLOBALS to an object. (Zeev, Zend Engine)
    - Fixed ImageCreateFromGD2Part() (Jani)
    - Fixed a build issue in the IMAP extension under IRIX. (kalowsky)
    - Fixed a bug in imap_last_error() (Jani)
    - Various mbstring fixes. (Yasuo, Rui)
    - Fixed a build problem in the mcal extension. (Jani)
    - Made MySQL rollback open transactions when the request ends. (Georg)
    - Fixed a crash in the shutdown order of the ODBC module. (kalowsky)
    - Fixed PCRE build problems. (
    - Fixed a crash in pg_lo_write() (Yasuo)
    - Fixed posix_isatty() and posix_ttyname(). (Markus)
    - Fixed accidental pg_lo_import() API change. (Yasuo)
    - Fixed ereg_replace() crash when the backreference number was greater than the
    number of captured subpatterns. (
    - Fixed array_rand() on thread-safe platforms such as Windows. (Edin)
    - Report the right exit code after a call to exit(). (Edin)

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