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    January 18th, 2005
    Any comments on up-time?

    I am looking for a cheap host.

    Andy Williams

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    Yep, I use Powweb since the beginning of time. If you don't mind a few hours of downtime a day once in 2-3 months, it's an ok service.

    I do have an email problem with them. Webmail stopped working for me suddenly, and never had the problem resolved. But I don't want to waste anymore time on that issue as long as I can send and receive mail through Outlook Express.

    They have a forum for technical support. I seldom go there unless my site is down. Although they have a contact number, getting to talk to a human is like winning a lottery.

    I'm still sticking with them because I have already paid for the full year. The good news is that Powweb moved their data center some time in July (I think), and the up time seems to be better. But then, I also think that it depends on which server they're hosting your site.

    Check out their forum and see other comments and complaints.

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    My main commercial site is on Powweb, and they're O.K.

    No major problems with them, so I haven't had to contact them personally. Their forum has answered the few questions I've had so far.

    I recently purchased a new domain name, and I expect to put it on Powweb, since I'm already familiar with how they do things.

    Overall, I'd give them a "B" grade.

    -- Mike

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    Have a couple of sites with them. Other than their support can't seem to communicate in English on a level I can understand, they seem OK. I still don't have a guest book running and though they answer every time, I haven't the vaguest notion what they are saying. I'm sure the answer is in their responses, somewhere.

    Hey! Thanks for the link! That may be what I need.

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