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    Hello everyone:

    I finally decided to get into affiliate advertising and got accepted in CJ four days ago. I applied to a few affiliate programs in the financial services area and got promptly accepted by almost all of them. I started showing the ads on the 23rd.

    Today, when I checked my stats, I saw some stats that have me wondering. Specifically, when talking about text links, I saw that I had gotten 52 clicks and 1500 impressions. The funny thing is that I had gotten exactly the same number of impressions for each of the four text links {13 clicks each}. The number does sound like it is the result of a spider going around. This behavior is not exhibited by the js links, which I presume are not able to be followed by the spiders. My questions are as follows:

    1- Being that the spiders hit my site frequently, will the resulting low EPC from having spiders hit those text links be something that might cause a program to drop me?

    2- Is there a lag between the time a click is recorded and say a “lead” or a “sale” is recorded?

    Thanks for your answers.


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    Welcome Ioanuniverse
    The financial services arena is very lucrative but there is tons of competition. You'll need to have a professional design for people to trust you. Hang around here and you will learn tons.

    Question #1 - The spiders would have to hit your links by the 1000's to seriously affect your EPC. Especially in your niche of financial services where the commission can be $50 a lead. Some overexcited AM's have cut low EPC publishers in the past, but an email to them usually is enough to reinstate you. Do a search on these boards for "low epc", I know there was a thread not long ago.

    Question #2 - If that click resulted in a lead or sale, then it would be shown in your CJ reports within a few minutes - unless your merchant manually reviews the trxns and batches the reports once a day (or whatever his schedule is). You can check under the merchant info on CJ whether they batch or not. Otherwise CJ reports "real time".

    Those answers reflect my experience anyways, anyone else want to chime in or are you all still recovering?

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