Hi! I have a domain that I'd like to try to sell...I don't know how much it is worth..does anyone have an opinion here? And has anyone had some experience as to the best place to sell it? It's "peeve.net" which isn't as tasty as a .com but it's still a pretty good name, I'd think. Perhaps great for a fun community site that could generate some affiliate revenue. I originally had a website that was going to be devoted to the rude, annoying, or thoughtless things people do (peeves, of course) but it was going to be presented in a positive light. It was also going to be something that was of help to people, teaching them how to recognize scams, how to deal with junkmail, how to be alert to parasiteware, etc... I just didn't have time to follow through enough. But check out the image I was going to use on the site:


Anyway, I digress. If anyone has some thoughts of the value of this domain and where I could sell it, please let me know, and thanks!

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