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    Say if you want to take advantage of another registrar's cheaper renewal fee, you do a reigstrar transfer, right?

    I recently registered my domain with It is a reseller and uses as its registrar.

    Namecheap charges $8.88 but has prices at $5.95 ... but if I want to switch from namecheap to, how do I do it? I can't possibly do a registrar transfer..

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    You can transfer to enom's $5.95 pricing but that is an option where you can't use or transfer the domain unless you pay a further $3.99 "activation" fee.

    If you are happy with namecheap's control panel then I suggest you stick with them.

    Here is some info from enom's help system:

    What is a name only account?

    eNom, an ICANN accredited registrar, announces an exciting new account called 'Name Only'. A Name Only account is different than your current eNom account. In Name Only you register a domain name and park it with eNom (on our DNS only), that's all the services you'll be able to get to. A Name Only account is perfect for purchasing defensive domain name registrations or registering your new ideas at a very low cost. All the other services eNom has to offer including domain name management, DNS, URL redirection, email forwarding, a free 10 page web site, Name-Your-Phone, and Name-Your-Computer, are not available in a Name Only account, until you activate the Domain name(s) for a $3.99 fee.

    Can I have email forwarding or change my DNS host settings in a 'Name Only' account?

    No. You first have to activate the name and pay the $3.99 fee associated with the activation.

    Can I 'Transfer' a name into my Name only account?

    Yes. It works the same as your other eNom accounts.

    Can I transfer or push a Name Only domain name away from my account?

    Yes. After you 'Activate' the Domain Name and pay the $3.99 activation fee (per remaining year).

    What if I sell a name that is in my Name Only account?

    You must activate the domain name and pay the $3.99 activation fee (per remaining year) before it can change ownership. You can activate and push the name directly to the new owner's eNom account LOGIN if you like.

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