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    January 17th, 2005
    Hi there,

    I'm looking for a host that can provide me with a dedicated server. I'm looking for a system configured something like this:

    Pentium 4
    1 GHz
    Windows 2000
    1 Gig Memory
    3 Hard drives minium (40 Gigs for one 80 Gigs for the others)

    My host would need to install for me:

    - ColdFusion
    - MS SQL Server
    - iMail Server

    I have copies and licences for those 3.

    I'll need to be able to access this server 24/7 using Terminal Services from my PC at home.

    This server will be used to build mailing lists for sweepstakes/freebies sites. These mailing lists are primarily built using CONFIRMED opt-out coregistration. Since I'm obtaining opt-out coregistrations, I do get the occasional complaint from my confirmation e-mails. My host would need to be able to understand and accept the fact that I'm getting these complaints.

    If anyone can provide this host, or if anyone knows of a hosting company that can provide this to me, please let me know. It's important any potential hosting companies know about and accept the fact that my confirmation e-mails will generate the occasional complaint.

    Thank you!


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    January 18th, 2005
    Astoria, NY
    Since we don't have dedicated hosting solution, i cannot say come to us.

    But i was working with CrystalTech in the past because of their Coldfusion support. They were fine for us. Check their website for more info...
    Serkan Kutlubay - Affiliate Manager
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