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    January 17th, 2005
    I have a dedicated server with Interland but they have had some down times recently and I have looked into switching to Rackspace.

    Would switching all my sites (10) from my current server to a different dedicated server affect my rankings?

    Any thoughts are appreciated.


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    No, there is no problem changing hosts. I recently made a change from Verio and my ratings weren't affected one bit.

    Just make sure you're sites are ready to go on the new server before pointing your domains to the new host.

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    January 17th, 2005
    good to hear, thanks Steve

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    You should be a little careful as Googlebot at least sometimes spiders the old IP long after the site(s) has been moved. Ideally, if you could keep the sites up at the old IP addresses for a month or so - that would be best. Otherwise, just move them over, ensuring that there is no downtime while you switch and all should be OK.

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    what markymark said.

    I just moved a site to a new server and everybody but googlebot has been hitting the new server. Googlebot is still pulling pages from the old server. I'll keep the site there for as long as it takes for google to start hitting the new server. I only removed the site because it was slowing the server down. Googlebot does not hit it hard enough to have much of an effect.

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    Most directories and search engines will poll your domain name, so moving the sites physically won't make any difference. Some engines will keep a cache (memorized pages) of the site for months or years, but there is very little that you can do about that...
    Like the users above said, I wouldn't let the ranking concern keep you from moving.

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