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    i moved one of my sites to another hosting company this past week. since the day i moved my site in, their servers had been down while i had updated the dns settings to the new ones. so, as a result my site is now down. i've tried to ping it and got an unknown/can't resolve message.
    the customer support keeps telling me to wait 12-24 hours for the servers to back up everytime i contact them. now, it has been well over 72 hours and their servers are still down, the customer service still keeps telling me to wait and the servers will be backed up soon.

    my old hosting is still active and would it be best for me switching back the dns settings to the old ones so that my site will be up and running soon ?

    and since i have not utilized anything on their servers and service since day one, what is the possibility for me to get my money back ?

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    I had the same problem when changing hosting.
    Make sure you file and directory permissions are set correctly, some how mine got changed to 644 in the change over, they should be 755.

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    This is a tough decision because DNS really does take 12-72 hours to change. Is your site still down? This message might be coming a little late....
    If the site is STILL down today, a week later, I would switch the dns back to the old host and take my chances. Most hosts have a money back gaurantee, although some make it a little difficult to get your money back... I would take the risk anyway and go back to the old host.

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