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    January 18th, 2005
    I have several domains with one host, on Linux.
    The logging provided doesn't allow for individual site statistics - it shows overall traffic.

    I am beginning to generate enough traffic to warrant serious logging so I can analyze traffic to individual sites.

    Can anyone recommend a good logging package?

    Prepared to pay if there isn't a good reliable freebie..


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    I use a program called hitbox with my personal site and it works great. They give you a bit of code to put in each page of your sites and then there is an easy to customize field in the code. You customize this to the name of each page and the program does the rest. Every time someone accesses a page, an update is sent to hitbox. You can login and view the number of hits to each site, the order that people viewed pages, where they came from and all kinds of other useful stuff...

    Anyway, I'm not completely sure if there is an extra few for multiple domains, but I think I pay about $30/month

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    We use urchin and give urchin to our customers for free. It is great, and I am about to install v5 tonight on our test box if I get some time. You can download a demo from their site.

    You can see the latest version here -

    Many hosts offer the base package now, if yours doesn't bug them to. Using a third party stat program, not analyzing your actual log traffic, is hit or miss and will never be as accurate software that actually sifts through your server logs.


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    Thanks for the replies, Chris and Chet

    I'm not making enough (yet) from affiliate marketing to justify $30 a month for logging.

    I was looking for a one-off purchase kind of thing, for software that would sit on the host.

    Urchin looks interesting but I saw a price tag of nearly $900... (Chet what services do you offer where you can give it away...?)

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    Analog is one of the staple Log Analyzers. It includes the option to set the virtual domain for combined log files thus retrieving and reporting only results for that particular domain.

    Price = Free.


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    I use Sawmill and I'm very happy with it. It costs $99 one-time fee. Trial version is available.

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