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    I've got some frontpage webs, but it's such a pain updating with frontpage sometimes.. when FP hangs and won't connect etc.

    Anyone know? - if I want to upload some pages to a frontpage web can I just connect using eg. cuteftp and upload the files I want, or will that really screw things up cos the rest of the web was published with frontpage?

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    I’m not sure about FTP, but I’ve read that changing some web settings (like file permissions) outside of Front Page can royally screw things up on your server. You might want to take a look at your web folders though. You’ll see it under My Computer if you have FP installed. They make uploading files as easy as moving a file from drive C to drive D on your local machine. I use them a lot to upload my PHP files that I write outside of FP.

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    If you are still editing them in FP, I've never had a problem uploading outside the program. The only time I've messed things up is when I went directly into a fp file with a text editor and confused it.

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    I work on a couple of web sites with someone else and we're constantly working on the same pages, etc.

    He uses Front Page and I use Dreamweaver. So essentially I'm using FTP to put new files on the server and he has no problem editing them.

    We are NOT useing any Front Page features, like a guest book. Any coding on the pages I did by hand. Maybe that's why we don't have any problems. He's just editing the text etc. I modify the programs.

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    If your hosting service has FP server extensions higher than version FP2000 any FTP uploads may be denied or can screw up server extensions. Prior to FP2000 you could even let cleints update pages with FrontPage Express that came with Win98.

    Safe rule of thumb is don't FTP upload files....only download as a backup. Use FP Explorer to "import" local HD files. Trash those FP lame themes and once a month verify all hyperlinks to catch broken links.

    Only drawback to FP is the huge bloated HTML files created when using tables. Only use "insert HTML" tools function to place affiliate coded links. Frontpage is the only HTML editor which I can easily teach clients how to edit their sites pages. I then charge them for repairing screwups.

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