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    OK, I'm very NEW to all of this. I recently lost my job and have quit a bit of web design experience but have never really gotten into the affiliate game. I'm trying to get everything started up so my first question is web hosting. I want to get a reseller account so I can host multiple domains, and I will also be starting a local web design/hosting business in my little home town to help pay the bills. I've been reading this board and the THC board for about a month now, but to be honest it seems like everyone is plugging their own business and I'm not finding any "real" opinions.

    The company I've looked at the hardest is, but now I've just realized that don't offer ssl which is something that I'm sure will be important to my web hosting clients.

    So my first question, is recommendations on reseller hosts with ssl, reliable service and of course the cheaper the better.

    The 2nd question is, will it benefit me from a SE standpoint that If I have 20 different sites, I host them all seperatly under their own domain names, or have them forward from godaddy or whomever to If I submit to the search engines will it go in even though it's actually pointing to

    Hope I make sense, again I'm learning so be patient and be ready, I'm sure I'll have 1,000,000 more questions on the way! Thanks

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    Take a look at Loretta he has his own forums here on ABW. Many many of us affiliates here use him because he is so reliable. His support is first rate should you ever need it.

    The more complicated stuff I will leave to someone who know what he/she is talking about.

    BTW is this post 200,000?
    Take care

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    1,713 has reseller accounts (you have to purchase a minimum silver account), SSL capabilities (your cert or theirs), and is reliable.

    Not the cheapest, but then this is your business.

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    You can now get YOUR OWN SSL cert for around 25ish USD. It is a QuickSSL which means it is trust worthy. They are pretty easy to install as well. FYI alot of "Big" Companies offer SSL which means they purchased a WildCard SSL means that all domians can use it. IF not you are using their secure SSL. Each Domain needs its own SSL Cert. There are ways around it as well. Better safe than sorry.


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