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    I'm slowly but surely moving all my sites from ASP to PHP, but it's a long process. Some might be easier to just keep on a Windows server - but Interland (who I've been with for about 3 years now) is no longer competitive, and I'm using some scripts to support multiple domains that is just a bit iffy. I'd really like to move to a multiple domain windows host.

    It's been on the back-burner for me for a few months now, but I just saw that enom is now offering hosting, and it looks like you can put 10 domains on one account: for $8 a month, and add a 50MG SQL server DB for just $3.00 I've been happy with eNom for about a year for my registrations, and am thinking about giving this hosting service a try.

    Any advice about other multi-domain Windows hosts I should consider first?


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    Hopefully enom does not have the same problems that Godaddy has with their hosting arrrangement. You have probably heard, but for some reason Google is blocking all sites that are hosted with Godaddy.

    Just food for thought...


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    50 offers unlimited domains. I've been quite pleased with their service.

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    From what I've read it's not Google that's blocking GoDaddy.

    Somebody at GoDaddy has blocked the IP, but it's not Google.

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    that enom faq mentions you can have up to 10 domains "pointed" to a "site". With the wording I would assume they mean parked domains meaning when you type in OR or, etc it will all point to the same site.

    Check with the host you choose if they support addon domains. (specifically not parked domains or sub domains)

    You might want to look into a reseller account, they cost a bit more than a regular account with addon domain support but can still be found at good prices.

    this is the host I'm using now, but not their reseller package(just the 1000 plan with 5 addon support). They recently did a page overhaul and server upgrade and some links haven't been fully updated yet.

    I've only been using them for about a month now and have had no real problems yet. They have a reseller package with windows server and asp support that offers unlimited domains(which is what you were looking for?)

    I'm not quite sure myself how a reseller account differs from a regular account with addon domain support though. With my 1000 plan my addon domains are sub directories off my main site but when you go to the domain it is just like any other website to the viewer. It is all managed from one account control panel as addon/sub domains.

    Reseller I think might be more robust than that, offering multiple sub-account logins per website under your main account.. this is just speculation on my part though as I have no experience with a reseller account yet

    that webhost4life host mentioned previously also looks good. I might have went with that if I found it during my search for a host, bitstream had a promotion going at the time though and I got the first 6 months hosting for a penny

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