Recently during an "upgrade" my host server went from hosting 54 websites to 138 according to

Today has been troublesome with my sites going up and down and having really lagged response. I hope it's temporary, I hear there was some outage on one of the coasts that is contributing to this performance.

I just had to vent..

I'm going to play this host out, I've been happy up until now. They also have account upgrade options when and if I ever need them.

Anyone have a host that they've never had issues with? I'm still technically getting started but outages like this one really damper my traffic building efforts. Reciprocal link partners checking and seeing the site down and so on, I think one of the merchants I signed up to the other day checked during the outage and denied my application :P

I was impressed by httpme features but I can't afford that much per month(yet!). I've also been looking at (unlimited traffic heh)