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    I've never set up any routers before so I am completely blind. I have a static ip address at my home and want to host some sites from my redhat server. I have a linksys router with pc's and my server connected. I can't get my router and server configured. I think I've stubled towards the right direction when I found some configuration options such as port forwarding etc. I am wondering what ip addy I am supposed to assign to my server. I thought it should be the real ip that I paid for but maybe I'm supposed to assign an internal network ip to it. I really don't know and would appreciate someones help even if that meant paying.

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    If you're forwarding port 80 through your router, you're going to put your server's internal IP address and port in there.

    The outside world will access it via the IP address that you paid for.

    You'll probably want to give your Linux server a static IP address instead of letting the router assign one via DHCP.

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