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    From my experience, I rather choose multi cheap mini website hosting than multi domain hosting because cheap mini website could be spread to many web hosting provider than multi domain hosting which only share 1 ip address. If one hosting provider is down or blocked the other mini website still functioning. Multi domain hosting has some technical problem for those who don't know server issues. Cheap mini website could get support from their host admin not like multi domain hosting which usually assume that the client has advanced technical knowledge.


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    Is there a question in there?

    I'm sure that spreading your web sites over multiple hosting companies is a good thing for the reasons you stated but it can be a support nightmare.

    I have put up nearly 50 web sites, all dynamic database driven. To keep my sanity, all of the sites are driven by a single set of programs. Creating a new site is as easy as copying a folder and adding a few lines of code. Add data and I'm done.

    When I get a little further along, I plan to host my own name servers and a backup web server that I'll use in the mean time as a testing server. So if my hosting company goes down, I can act as the backup until they come back up or I move to another hosting company.

    I manange three "accounts" for different reasons. Changing accounts to make little changes here and there are a pain. I can't imagine if I had more!

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    I find for me.. it's easier to have a "reseller account" and host multiple websites from one account...

    less to remember...

    I did recently add a second reseller account to handle database driven websites... because my main hosting company has some type of filter
    in place that prevents me from using cditty's scripts...

    The funny thing is they dont know (remember) what they did that would keep me from using database scripts...

    I poked around till I found a company with decent support and low cost... more then a few hosting companies said stay away... guess I asked too many questions they didn't want to answer...

    sure will be glad when I can afford a dedicated server... guess I better get to work and find more hosting clients...

    SHH... I'm tryin to sleep...

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