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    From the current trend in web services, it could be predicted that future web hosting service will also include website monitoring service, Search engine optimization (SEO), and keyword ROI analysis. Web hosting service is not just focus on technical aspect of web hosting and the monthly fee but also focus on how to maximize profit return for client from any website hosted on its server. That is the true win win solution for client and web hosting service.


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    SEO & keyword analysis should be the job of the web design company. It is something that should be started before the design even begins.

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    I use a host the provides:

    1.Keyword anaylsis and form builders
    3.newsletter builders
    4.SE placement tracking
    5.the usual stats; visitors, top pages, etc.
    6.PPC campaign builder
    7.Link tracking

    I also use a basic package for another site I run. The latter costs the same as the first one but only has half the features.

    The face of hosting IS changing.
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